Transforming Cellular Memory

During a Transforming Cellular MemoryWorkshop or Private Session,  powerful surges of healing energies pour through your body igniting a profound cellular healing process. 

The Intelligence of these energies knows how to penetrate the mind of your cells and unlock everything that is not you. It goes after all the old wounds, fears, belief systems and ancestral baggage stored within your cellular memory and literally expands them out into the open, transforming them into love. 

As you go through this purification process, you will feel explosions and rushes of tingles throughout your body as the synapses of age-old patterns disperse. The result is an unlocking on a cellular level of all inherited behavior patterns that keep you stuck in a limited level of consciousness and perspective. The effects reverberate for days and the results last a lifetime.

DON Hanson

Don Hanson M.A. is an international teacher, healer and group process facilitator who founded the Transforming Cellular Memory Healing Process over three decades ago. Don is a licensed interfaith minister who travels all over the world sharing this remarkable process of cellular healing and purification. He has been doing this transformational work for over 43 years and has profoundly touched and transformed thousands of peoples lives.

With the remarkable ability to bring through powerful healing energies, Don is deeply immersed in consciousness, tantra and spiritual transformation. He offers incredible wisdom and life-guidance to all those who are hungry for real love and sweetness in all aspect of their lives.

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  • Transforming Cellular Memory is a spiritual healing process. It teaches you how to relate to the Creative Intelligence of our Universe (Spirit) in a way that is direct, instant, personal and transformative. 
  • Transforming Cellular Memory works with powerful healing energies to take your body, mind and soul through metamorphosis. The Facilitators telepathically and psychically tune-in to both the individual and group energy field and act as conduits for Divine Intelligence. 
  • Transforming Cellular Memory™ incorporates the mystical teachings at the root of many world religions as part of it’s wisdom teachings, yet does not teach or condone religious dogma. 
  • Transforming Cellular Memory offers daily practices, rituals and meditations to strengthen your connection to the Divine. It teaches you how to use this connection to transform karma at a permanent cellular level.
  • Transforming Cellular Memory is an empowerment process, utilizing methods such as Gestalt Therapy and dynamic group therapy to heal your blind-spots and re-awaken your inherent clarity and strength. 
  • Transforming Cellular Memory is not a ‘hands-on’ style healing process. The transmission of healing energies is invoked via a call and response style dialogue or prayer - where you talk directly to the Great Spirit and ask it to do the healing work for you whilst sitting on a cushion or chair (in a circle) within a workshop, or opposite the Facilitator within a private session.                                 Keep reading...


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With just one session or workshop, you will experience immediate shifts in your body, emotions and life. For some this may be all that is needed, but for others it is just the beginning. When those first layers of trauma and tension are touched and transformed by the Light, there is a burning desire to continue the healing and unravelling process until full enlightenment of self is realized. 

Immersing yourself in this powerful transmission of Divine Light, awakens the fountain of Kundalini energy inside of you. It flows through your chakras and into your brain, filling you with the most profound elixir of love, light and bliss. Eventually, it teaches you how to access and bring through these powerful energies for self and others, awakening your own innate spiritual gifts and talents. 



Jennifer Hanson is an international teacher, healer and group process facilitator who has awakened the gift of bringing through powerful transformational energies. For 17 years she has been deeply committed to the path of cellular purification and enlightenment, pioneering research on how our universe works through the lens of cellular healing and divine consciousness. 

Born and raised in Northern Ireland, Jennifer is now a licensed interfaith minister who works internationally. Her unique gift of awareness, clarity and insight allows for profound metamorphosis to take place in all those who work with her. She is writing the first book on the Transforming Cellular Memory™ healing process and lives in the USA with her daughter and family at the 'Center for Cellular Transformation'.

What is Transforming Cellular Memory, how does it work and what are the benefits? 
Interview by Dr. Tom Rolley, Byron Bay, Australia. Click below.

How to work with incessant voices of self-hate. Only by tackling our fear-based ego with the power of love, do we stand a chance at overcoming our deepest fears and insecurities.
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There are endless benefits to working with Transforming Cellular Memory™ in your life. Here are just a few:

  • You experience noticeable and tangible results in just one session. 
  • You can transform in 30 minutes what could take 30 years in traditional psychotherapy.
  • You feel lighter and more expanded with each TCM session or workshop.
  • It speeds up your evolutionary healing process by burning off the accumulated layers of who you’re not to reveal the creative potential of who you really are. 
  • It gets you in touch with your power center and your passions in life. 
  • You conquer your fears and as a result feel more liberated.
  • It connects you up with high vibrations of alchemical healing energies in the universe.
  • It burns out self-hate and reinforces self-love, self-trust, aliveness and connection.
  • It ignites ‘hope’ where there was none because it makes the impossible, possible.
  • Overtime it not only gets rid of the ‘old’ you layer-by-layer - within your cells and DNA - but it rebuilds a NEW YOU, which is connected to the feeling of unconditional LOVE.
  • Once you get a hold of the TCM Healing Process, your life completely transforms to mirror the transformation that occurred at the cellular level.
  • It awakens Kundalini Energy inside of you
  • You realize your spiritual gifts and divine potential in time.



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Going into the workshop I was ready for anything but then experienced more than I could of imagined. Fear and pure terror I have never felt to “show up” and go where the light was pushing me.
I’ve always had so much love for people, the planet, humanity, but mostly my wife and children that just was so hard to bring out consistently. I could do it and felt brilliant but it felt awkward, especially to sit in my heart with my wife.
I just feel so different already. Such a struggle to be 2 people all the time and grind to display affection! TCM has taught me how to hug someone properly!!!
An amazing amazing experience, and just loved to listen to Jennifer’s profound words.
I feel like the TCM will flow through my work as a kinesiologist and am so excited about living life so much free’er inside.
Clearing past life, karmic, ancestral energy from our cells is the key to passing through the eye of the needle into and back to Divine.
Jennifer and TCM is such a gift. I look forward to more and more and more.
— David, Melbourne / Australia, Kinesiologist
I’m still feeling two things like “did that happen?” but simultaneously I totally know that happened and was wide awake and willing and participating. Thank you Jennifer and everyone for your attention and energy and compassion! My personal experience/“moment” feels like something that I had been seeking my whole life, but also I was not expecting it at all. Yet when it came it felt so right in all ways. Thanks everyone for facilitating my being able to ask the holy spirit to open the doors of love. I’m touched at the deepest level. I can’t believe it, but of course it’s also the most believable thing. Thank you. Thank you so much. Overwhelming love when I think of it/feel it. Love you all.
— Jorge, Berlin / Germany, Actor & Dancer
Back in August i attended Jennifers Workshop for the first time without knowing what to expect, without knowing what will happen.
And it got to be one of the most beautiful experiences ever.
I was faced with one of my biggest fears: being seen, being looked at, getting attention. And i was never more afraid in my entire life. I never thought that i could feel so much fear.
And as i said i didnt knew anything about Jennifers work, but when she spoke to me while being in this state of fear, she said: This is not your natural state, You like to dance, to sing. And when she mentioned the singing part, it hit. I was so impressed because i didnt mentioned this to anyone in the room.
I was and still am so impressed by Jennifers ability, i cannot put it in words.
— Debora, Vienna / Austria
This is a transformational lifestyle straight from Universal Love. The consciousness available through these workshops is educating my body at a cellular level on how to live in an energetic reality of passion, creativity and abundance, which has become second nature to me. With gratitude the universe presents each new chapter to me. Through acting on and embracing each nuance with blind faith and trust I deepen my consciousness and live a fruit full life. Being surrounded by a very dedicated and conscious group of people, I can constantly refine my inner knowing through the mirror of my friends.
— John Mc Sweeney, Texas / USA, Contractor
In all my years as a counsellor and group facilitator, I have never experienced transformation as profound and long lasting as with the TCM process. This work has not only enriched every aspect of my life, but has changed the very texture of my lived-experience of the world. One workshop is easily worth months of therapy.
— Paul, Melbourne / Australia, Holistic Counsellor & Counseling Teacher

"What is the Light?" and my personal experience with TCM...
— Dr. Tom Rolley, Byron Bay / Australia, GP

I am so full of fuxking love and life I have found in me.
I’m gonna explode.
The universe is is screaming from my core, now I can hear it. This work is beyond belief. Thank you.
Thank you thank you.
— Samantha, Melbourne / Australia, Grief and Loss Facilitator/Educator
I approached Transforming Cellular Memory because my new boyfriend raved about it. I consider myself a workshop junkie and have been around the world following all the gurus. I wanted to see for myself what all the hype was about in hopes to impress my new beau and go deeper on my self transformational path. The result, TCM is a spiritual pilgrimage that took me on a journey far beyond my expectations. TCM helped me by uncovering the often unspoken under toe that exists between people, the language of Energy. It sounded like such a buzzword, “energy,” it’s on all the sports drinks and what the new age people talk about (including myself) but when it’s talked about and seen in a conscious group like TCM, it’s the only thing that is real. The outcome was profound self awareness, into the unconscious autopilot programming that runs the show, unseen by the world because most of us are living in chaos. Something I really liked was their humor! This is serious work that is done with love. There were tears alongside belly-aching laughter. I found the experience nourishing and powerful. I now have a nuanced clarity that has enriched all of my previous training and has opened the door for me to move forward in many aspects of my life that felt dormant. I am able to breath deeper. I would recommend TCM to people who need a wake up call beyond the ordinary. To people who feel things they cannot put into words. To people who hurt because what they seek is the truest connection. If you’re comfortable playing it safe on the surface, stay where you are. If you can no longer tolerate the mediocre, the facade and want the brutal but loving truth, TCM will wake and shake you to your core.
— Ria, USA, MA in Social Organizational Psychology